Sackville Heights Junior High

October 7th, 2022

This is WEEK 1  Day E
Today is Friday, October 7

The cast of Aladdin Junior are asked to pick up a rehearsal schedule outside of Mme. Legge’s room (103). It is important that you know when you are needed at practice. Please keep checking our Google Classroom for updates. Do not forget to hand in your green forms to Ms. Legge ASAP.

Ms. Finn is very sorry for the confusion they caused about GSA meetings this week. To make up for it, BOTH GSAs will have meetings at lunch today! First lunch GSA will meet in room 151 and second lunch GSA will meet in room 222. Everyone is welcome!

The list of grade 8 girls who are asked back to volleyball tryouts has been posted. All grade 6 and 7 girls are still asked to attend Tuesday's tryout from 2:45 to 3:45.

Have a Fabulous Friday  SHJH!