Sackville Heights Junior High

November 23rd, 2016

Just a reminder that games room is today at first lunch in room 231

A reminder that the last dance of 2016 will take place next Thursday Nov 24.  We are going out with a Neon celebration! Dig out all your neon color clothing and accessories and come have a blast at the Neon dance Nov 24.

Me to We meeting today on your own lunch

Hey Falcons ! Me to We is having a huge fundraising bake sale on both lunches in the lobby on Thursday Nov 24.

There will be a meeting for all girls volleyball members today at the beginning of  second lunch in Mme Andersen’s room.

A reminder that there will be a meeting on second lunch today for field correspondents.

There will be a after school meeting for everyone that will be participating in the gotcha play. Please have a drive arranged for 4:00.