Sackville Heights Junior High

PowerSchool Logins for 2017-18

All requests for PowerSchool Logins will be addressed the week of Monday, September 11th. 


Parent Portal

If you require a copy of your parent portal letter to create an account please email

Ms. Knight at

You will need to include your name, your child’s name & grade, as well as your contact information (email address and or contact number).

User name/Password recovery

If you already have an account but have forgotten your user name and or password please follow the steps below:

If you forget your user name and or password just click on the blue words under the password text box that say “Forgot user name or password?” on the parent portal main page to go to the account recovery links.

To recover your account sign in information, you must provide the information for either the forgot password or forgot user name or both.

The user name recovery only requires your email address and will email your user name to your email address.

Password recovery requires your email address and user name.

Once you provide the required information for “Forgot password” Power School will email you a temporary password and when you log in it will prompt you to change the password immediately.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Knight at