Sackville Heights Junior High


Health Services

Are you coping with suicidal thoughts? Have you lost hope that things will get better? Now is the time to reach out for help Feelings are just feelings. They can change with the right help. Why do I feel this way? Sometimes sad or stressful events can make life seem unbearable. Also, mental disorders can cause sadness and depression to appear suddenly and you may not know why.

If you have had, or are having thoughts about suicide, reach out NOW:
Halifax Crisis line: 421 1188
Mobile crisis team: 429 8167
Free confidential counseling, 24 /7: 1 800 668 6868


Cobequid Youth Health Services

Cobequid Youth Health Services will be open through the summer months in case you are looking for help and support. The service is available to people of ages 13 through 25.
Their hours of operation are Monday through Friday from nine a.m. until five p.m. and they are located on the first floor of the Cobequid Community Health Centre.
You may drop in to talk, or call to make an appointment.
Karrie, Social Worker - 869-6131
Lori, Social Worker - 869-7107
Kim, Nurse - 869-6106


Kids Help Phone

The Kids Help Phone is a free, anonymous and confidential phone and on-line professional counselling service for youth. Big or small concerns. 24/7. 365 days a year; their website can be accessed through this link or by clicking the image below.
If you need help with something, don't wait.



BroTalk is a support zone created for male teens by Kids Help Phone.  Click on the link below to visit the page.


HRSB’s Mental Health Website

Pathways to Mental Health is a website created by teachers, principals, Guidance Counsellors  and members of the Student Services team in HRSB.  Public Health and IWK representatives were also contributors to the website’s design and content.  Pathways to Mental Health originated from teachers’ and school administrators’ requests for information about mental health.  Please visit: