Sackville Heights Junior High

September 24th, 2018

Monday Sept 24, 2018

We acknowledge that we are in Mi’kma’ki, which is the traditional ancestral territory of the Mi’kmaq people.

Orange Shirt Day is an opportunity for all staff and students to increase their awareness about the thousands of Indigenous children across Canada who were forced from their homes to attend residential schools. Acknowledging this day provides us with an active invitation to participate in reconciliation. Staff and students are encouraged to wear orange shirts this Thursday, Sept 27th.   There will be a moment of silence following the Mi'kmaq land acknowledgement.

Cross country running is tomorrow afternoon. Please join Madame Léger in the gym at 2:50.

Our Terry fox Run is This Thursday at 2:00. All pledge sheets and money should be passed in by Thursday. Classes will be invited outside starting at 2:00. This week we continue to celebrate the life of Terry. The change bandits will be around today after lunch.

On Friday the looney blitz raised over $500.00. Madame Léger is very proud of all our students. Thinking of others is exactly what Terry did. We are Terry Fox.

Congratulations to Mrs. Scanlon’s class on winning the smile cookies with a class donation of $65.00.

The second tryout for the girls flag football team will be tomorrow after school in the gym.  If interested please attend. 

The boys first selection list is posted outside the gym door on the bulletin board.  If your name is on the list please attend the final tryout on Wednesday after school.